Important Site News: I am not running a forum again.

While I was away this week, Twitter decided the time was right to fail harder than any social network software has failed before and resend a string of tweets I sent about a year ago when I ran a forum-style site. I AM NOT RUNNING THAT SITE. NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN HOW I DO THINGS. ALL CAPS RAGE!

I removed the tweets as soon as I saw them, but I humbly request your help in getting rid of this misinformation. Please spread this link and my original clarification tweet I sent a few minutes ago. If you would help me fix this, I would greatly appreciate it, and I look forward to continuing to write here and at the HQ Blog.


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Behind the Lines: A Native’s Take on the Bears


It’s Bears week! Our favorite time of year. While the Packers are looking to wrap up home field advantage, the Bears only desire to save what remains of their dignity following a disastrous last few weeks caused primarily by injuries. I’ve spent nearly a whole season here in the suburbs of the Windy City listening to Chicago sports talk, reading Chicago sports newspapers, and, most importantly, listening to the gripes and frustrations of Bears fans. Here’s what I’ve learned. Read more of this post